Nigeria Zip Code
nigeria zip code

Nigeria Zip Code

Quick note: in Nigeria, the standard used is postcode, NOT zip code and not postal code. However, for the purpose of explanation, i used all the three terms here, after all they all mean the same thing.

there is no single postcode or zip code for Nigeria and (probably) not even for a state. But you can get zip code for any (smaller) regions/locations like example areas, quarters, etc. however, there are some unique codes for some special places like military, hospitals etc.

So, what is a zip code exactly? How does it differ from postal code or postcode? And more importantly, what is the Nigeria zip code?

Well, if you are one of us guys who fill forms a lot, you probably come across a field that requires you to enter a zip code, postal code or postcode, and maybe that is why you are here.

If you want to learn all about the terms and clear your confusions once and for all then read through till the end.

You can skip all the long English and go straight to your postcode; if you want so, then click here: Nigeria Postcode to get the exact postcode for your location. You can also check this post which shows everything step by step: Nigeria Postal Code

what is a postal code

A postal code is a series of letters or digits or both (sometimes including spaces or punctuation) included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail, or making a parcel delivery. A postal code is also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code

what is a zip code

A ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Introduced in 1963, the basic format consists of five digits.

Differences Between a ZIP code and a Postal code

people often get confused about the two, but the thing is that a zip code and a postcode serve the same purpose. The only difference is that zip code is United States’ and the Philippines’ standard, postal code is the general term used in Canada; postcode is popular in many English-speaking countries and is also the standard term in Nigeria and the Netherlands.

Zip code Terminologies

There are a number of synonyms for postal code; some are country-specific.

  • CAP: The standard term in Italy; CAP is an acronym for codice di avviamento postale (postal expedition code).
  • CEP: The standard term in Brazil; CEP is an acronym for código de endereçamento postal (postal addressing code).
  • Eircode: The standard term in Ireland.
  • NPA in French-speaking Switzerland (numéro postal d’acheminement) and Italian-speaking Switzerland (numero postale di avviamento).
  • PIN: The standard term in India; PIN is an acronym for Postal Index Number. Sometimes redundantly called a PIN code.
  • PLZ: The standard term in Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein; PLZ is an abbreviation of Postleitzahl (postal routing number).
  • Postal code: this is the general term in use in Canada.
  • Postcode: This solid compound is popular in many English-speaking countries and is also the standard term in the Netherlands.
  • PSČ: The standard term in Slovakia and Czech Republic; PSČ is an acronym for Poštové smerovacie číslo (in Slovak) or Poštovní směrovací číslo (in Czech), both meaning postal routing number.
  • ZIP code: The standard term in the United States and the Philippines; ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan.

Types of zip codes

  1. Unique address: Big organisations like Hospitals, universities, Government agencies and businesses that receives a lot of mails uses unique zip codes.
  2. P.O.Box only
  3. Military
  4. Standard (all other ZIP codes or postcodes)

Uses of Zip codes/Postal codes

zip codes or postal codes are widely used for routing mail, sorting packages and calculating the time and cost of shipping a particular package to some specified location.

  1. Mail services: this is the main use of zip codes and postal codes.
  2. Delivery services: used for internal routing of a packages.
  3. Statistics: For example, in the United States, there are over 42000 zip codes. Apart from delivery mails, zip codes are also used in gathering statistical data.
  4. Marketing (Zip-codes marketing)
  5. Legislative districts
  6. Internet purposes: You will often find zip code under most education or eCommerce website registration pages.
  7. Insurance rating: some insurance carriers uses zip codes to determine the rate a customer will receive.

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